ISLAMABAD - A bid to kidnap Dr Abdul Rab Abubakar Bingabr, the deputy head of mission in Yemen Embassy, foiled here, said Arab embassy on Sunday.

According to press release, four unidentified people rang the doorbell of the diplomat’s house and called his outside the house located at Sector G-10 on late Saturday. They identified themselves as policemen but could not clarify as what business police could have with a diplomat at 2 am.

This alarmed Dr Abdul Rab who started calling neighbours loudly and asked his son to bring Kalashnikov which prompted the criminals to flee the scene in their car.

It may be mentioned that the diplomat has been receiving death threats from a criminal gang since months. Last year the same gang broke into his house, ransacked and took away his car.

Dr Abdul Rab said that he has repeatedly asked Foreign Office, police and other authorities for security but his requests for granting an arms license was rejected.

The diplomat said it is matter of grave concern and that he is disappointed by the authorities’ response in this regard. The Yemeni government also conveyed its concern to local authorities but of no avail, he informed.

It may be mentioned that some other Arab diplomats have also faced problems like attacks and kidnapping attempts in the federal capital.