Ch Shujat urges army, judiciary to protect country from conspiracies

LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain Wednesday called upon the army and the judiciary to sit together to find a solution to the current political crisis.

In a statement, he said that the present deadlock between the government forces and the political parties was pushing the country towards chaos and lawlessness.

“In such a dire situation, which is unprecedented, the two major security guarantors of Pakistan, the judiciary and the military, should work together to find a permanent solution to the problems in order to protect the country from internal and external conspiracies,” he stressed.

Ch Shujat feared that there was a danger of severe shortage of food items due to the closure of the whole country.

| PML leader says present situation is unprecedented

“Transportation system is completely paralysed, there is no access to ambulances and people are forced to carry funerals on foot. The situation in Pakistan is being closely watched at the international level”, he cautioned.  He said the economic situation in Pakistan was alarming and it had already become difficult for the common man to cope with the soaring prices. “God forbid, it could even become difficult for them to die”, he showed his concern.

Shujat Hussain warned that the history of Model Town tragedy should not be repeated.  “The police should stop shelling. Even the people living in the streets and neighborhoods are also suffering due to the teargas. The police should provide protection to the common man and provide alternate routes for ambulances and funerals to pass”, he demanded. Shujat Hussain also directed his party leaders and workers in Gujrat to provide water and food to all the caravans passing through Gujrat.

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