LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz Wednesday said that people had rejected the ‘immoral and uncivilised’ style of Imran Niazi’s politics by not responding to the call for a long march on Islamabad.

“People have shown Imran Niazi a mirror today by not participating in the long march”, he said in a statement here.

He said he was deeply grateful to the people of Punjab for rejecting the dirty politics of the PTI leader. “The people have cleaned up this clumsy politics once again today. Imran Niazi’s long march failed miserably. Empty roads continue to search for 2 million people”, he remarked, adding that the person claiming to bring 2 million people on roads should shun his negative politics now. “Fasad Khan (miscreant) will not be able to forget the defeat inflicted on him by the people”, he observed and added: “The stick of Allah Almighty is silent”.

He said Imran Khan again took a U-turn and decided to hold a public meeting instead of a sit-in. Hamza Shahbaz said that Imran Khan and PTI had run away from the sit-in. “Khan Sahib, where are the 2 million people that you were supposed to bring? They have now come to the meeting from the sit-in and they will also run away from the meeting”, he asked. He said the government will complete its constitutional term and no unconstitutional or illegal demands will be considered.

He alleged that Imran Khan and his gangs of henchmen were damaging the foundations of the country. “We have preferred the national interest over anything else and taken appropriate steps to protect the life and property of the people as Pakistan cannot be taken forward by sit-in politics or protest march”, he argued and added that such difficulties do not matter for achieving bigger objectives. He said Imran Khan’s inhuman character had been fully exposed before the people. He regretfully remarked that this man could go to any extent for grappling power. “The public or national interest is not dear to him, and the conspiracy of balkanising Pakistan would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of ‘Imrani politics”, he affirmed. The chief minister also apologised to the citizens for their difficulties due to the closure of roads.

Imran Niazi wants chaos

in the country: CM

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz has said that the recovery of arms from the house of a PTI leader hasmade clear the real intentions of Imran Khan and his followers. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the CM said that this was not an independence march but a bloody march. “A constable was shot dead yesterday, five children were orphaned, and the state’s writ was challenged”; he regretted and added that Imran Niazi wanted anarchy and chaos in this country. “In a nuclear-armed country, such anarchy is tantamount to hostility”, he argued.

He said the murder of Constable Kamal Ahmad and the seizure of arms had exposed their nefarious designs. “Imran Niazi cannot dream of grappling power by shedding blood and corpses in the streets because the government would befittingly deal with all such heinous schemes. Pakistan’s reputation and law and order would not be allowed to be put at stake as the protection of life and property of the people is the responsibility of the State”, he concluded.