Expatriates hold events worldwide to show solidarity with Pak Army

ISLAMABAD   -     The Pakistani expatriates living across the world have expressed their solidarity with the Pakistan Army and strongly condemned the violence targeting the civil and military installations on May 9.

The overseas Pakistanis, enraged over the violence on May 9, arranged rallies and seminars across Europe, America, Middle East and Australia. The events were held in Tajikistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Germany, Turkiye, Russia, Norway, Belgium, Netherland and the United Kingdom.

The Pakistani community held a solidarity event in Vienna which was attended by a huge number of people.

Similarly, the overseas Pakistanis gathered outside the Pakistani embassy in Tajinistan to show solidarity with the Pakistan Army

The Overseas Pakistanis Welfare Council, headed by Chairman Naeem Abbasi organised a car rally in which the participants raised slogans in support of the Pakistan Army.

Similar events were also held in Azerbaijan, South Africa and Germany.

In Frankfort and Berlin, Pakistan- EU Friendship head Ansar Butt held different meetings and condemned the violent incidents of May 9, and also carried out social media campaign on the subject.

The Pakistani students studying in Turkiye attended a seminar and called Pakistan Army a protective wall against the enemies of Pakistan.

In London, the religious scholars including Central Secretary Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti spread out the messages of Istehkam-e-Pakistan to the community members which were also published in the media.

He said the Pakistan Army acted as a shield against the enemies of Pakistan and the solidarity with the Army was part of their faith.

The expatriates in Netherlands, Russia, Norway and Belgium raised slogans in support of the Pakistan Army, condemned the May 9 violence and also called for strict action against the perpetrators.