ICP Traffic Division reinforces commitment to maintain road discipline

ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad Capital Police (Traffic Division) have reinforced its commitment to maintain traffic discipline and ensure a safe road environment in the city through implementation of laws, a police public relations officer said on Thursday. 
He said that police officials from Islamabad capital police traffic wing in the light of directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan organized ‘Police Darbar’ at traffic headquarters which was attended by all officials including Chief Traffic Officer Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanveer, SP (Traffic), Zonal DSPs and jawan from the force.
Chief Traffic Officer Islamabad directed policemen to ensure courteous attitude with citizens and ensure implementation of traffic laws without any discrimination. On the occasion, the officers and jawans shared their professional as well as personal issues and they also gave suggestions to improve the performance of the department. CTO Islamabad listened to the problems and assured to resolve them.
While addressing the officers and officials in Police Darbar, CTO Islamabad said that the Islamabad capital police have become the role model for other law enforcement agencies due to its performance and service to citizens. He said that its personnel are working day and night to serve the citizens and performing duties in tough weather conditions.
He urged the traffic cops to demonstrate polite attitude during interactions with citizens, especially those coming from other districts. He said courteous behavior brings laurel and appreciation which is key to boost the morale of the force.
Along with good behavior, CTO Islamabad said that implementation on traffic rules should be ensured without any discrimination. He said that a minor mistake can affect the reputation of the department while a single good deed is enough to raise the standard of the department to new heights.
CTO Islamabad directed to ensure strict action against those involved in violation of traffic laws especially lane violations, riding bikes without helmets and using mobile phones as well as not fastening seat belts during drive.
He directed the relevant officers to ensure deployment of cops in rush areas and ensure convenience to road users through smooth traffic flow. The Chief Traffic Officer expressed satisfaction over the performance of policemen and said that all of them are doing hard work despite lack of sources and earning a good name for the force.
He directed to ensure a disciplined traffic system in the city which would inculcate the sense among the citizens that there is no space for those committing violation on roads.
Chief Traffic Officer also assured to provide all necessary facilities to the officers and jawans during duty. All the participants committed to do more hard work and ensure service-oriented policing.

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