Minorities hold rally to show solidarity with Pak Army

QUETTA    -    Minorities living in Balochistan under the leadership of Parlia­mentary Secretary for Minority Af­fairs Khalil George here on Thurs­day took out a rally in support of the country’s armed forces with the slogan “Our identity is strong Pakistan”. The rally which started from Airport Road reached at Sa­rina Chowk after marching through different roads. A large number of minorities belonging to Christians, Hindus, Parsis and Sikhs participat­ed in the rally. The participants of the rally showered flowers on the Pakistan Army personnel posted at the military check post and offered flowers to them. Addressing the participants of the rally, Parliamen­tary Secretary for Minority Affairs Khalil George said that the Paki­stan Army was the asset and pride of the nation and the soldiers who were responsible for protecting the borders were our national heroes. He said that attacking the national installations to get political objec­tives could not be in the best inter­est of the country and the nation in any way. He said that whether there was a flood or an earthquake, the Pakistan Army was always ready to protect and help the people saying that those who were criticising the Pakistan Army were the enemies of the country and added that the purpose of organising the rally by the minorities living in Balochistan was to express solidarity with the soldiers of the Pakistan Army and to ensure them the minorities’ full support in any difficult time. He said that the green flag of Pakistan has always been aloft and would continue to be aloft in the future. Khalil George said that we wanted to tell them that the martyrs were our national heroes and their insult could not be tolerated under any circumstances. Our forefathers got Pakistan by giving their lives and today, we will protect and defend the country till last drop of our blood, he expressed. George said that May 25 Martyrs Day would be celebrated by the minorities in Balochistan by organising special prayers in the minority places of worship for the country and can­dles would be lit in the evening in memory of the martyrs.

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