Bodies of 2 missing people found burried in a house

Gujar khan   -   A shocking discovery was made by the Jhelum police, as they uncovered the gruesome murders of two individuals who had been reported missing.

The bodies of the victims were found buried in a room belonging to the perpetrator, who had a history of committing heinous crimes such as murder and robbery, according to the police.

Police sources have reported that Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan Shah, a resident of Jasrota village in PS Mangla, has been missing from his house since May 9. According to Sub-Inspector Allah Ditta, the Mangla police successfully located the residence of Abdul Rehman in the Hassanabad area of Kala Gujran police station near Jhelum city. This achievement was made possible through the use of technical support and mobile data analysis. 

According to a police official, this case initially seemed unsolvable. However, thanks to modern IT techniques, the investigators were able to track down the killer. The culprit confessed to brutally murdering Iftikhar ul Hassan Shah, 46, by repeatedly striking him on the head with hammers. SI Allah Ditta stated that he provided assistance to the police in locating and retrieving a body that was buried in a room of his house. 

According to SI Allah Ditta, additional investigations have uncovered a lead regarding another missing individual, Nasreen Akhtar, aged 50. She had been reported missing from her residence in Machine Mohalla No.2 since March 30. 

Shockingly, her body was also discovered buried in a leveled grave within the same room of Abdul Rehman’s house on Saturday. As per the investigation officer, the City police station in Jhelum had already registered a report regarding the disappearance of Ms. Nasreen. Following the recovery of her body, a separate case has been registered against Abdul Rehman under section 302 PPC.

As per information from the police sources, Abdul Rehman has previously been issued challans for his involvement in robberies and dacoities. He had been charged with multiple murders including the killing of a mother and her daughter during a robbery in Saggarpur village of Jalalpur Sharif area in Jhelum district in 2015. 

Additionally, he was accused of fatally striking his accomplice with a stone at a hotel in 2010. He was ultimately cleared of murder charges by the high court.

The Regional Police Officer (RPO) of Rawalpindi, Babar Sarfraz Alpa, and the District Police Officer (DPO) of Jhelum, Nasir Mahmood Bajwa, have expressed their appreciation for the diligent efforts of the police investigation team in successfully solving the cases of the missing persons’ murders.

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