Islamabad police working day and night to curb crime: IG Islamabad

ISLAMABAD   -   The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi said that the Islamabad police worked day and night to combat crime and showed excellent performance during the last one month, a public relations officer said on Saturday. 

He said that IG Islamabad in a video message said that Islamabad Police ended the policy of non-registration of crime, and FIRs were registered on priority as the crime was reported on “Pucar-15 helpline.  Additionally, the complaint management system was updated, and cases were registered on previous citizen applications. He further mentioned that special attention was paid in prevention and tracing of crimes to combat crime. 

In this regard, the Islamabad Police Dolphin Squad was revamped, and the search and patrol operations of the Dolphin Squad were made more efficient to prevent street crimes. The criminal data and crime records of Islamabad and Punjab were combined to identify criminal elements swiftly.  This data was gathered in new modern software and made available to police officers on patrol duties so that the records of citizens, vehicles and motorcycles could be checked with the help of this modern software. 

 IGP Islamabad, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, further said that the Islamabad Police arrested 102 accused from 44 gangs involved in serious crimes during the last month by taking strong measures against crimes and traced 117 cases of serious and other crimes.  Similarly, the “Nasha Ab Nahi” movement against drugs was vigorously pursued.

 During this movement, 338 accused involved in drug peddling were arrested and recovered a huge cache of hashish, heroin, and more than 20 kg of ice from their possession. Police officers also provide awareness to citizens against the harms of narcotics. IGP Islamabad said that these drug peddlers used to fill the veins of the young generation with poison. During this movement, the public also fully supported the police.

 Similarly, a thorough crackdown was carried out against those carrying illegal weapons, and 277 accused were arrested and the police team recovered a large number of weapons, including 15 Kalashnikovs from their possession. Likewise, 291 accused involved in cases like robbery, dacoity, and vehicle theft were arrested, while the police teams recovered stolen property worth more than 160 million rupees in cases of property crimes. IGP Islamabad mentioned that the Islamabad Police also conducted a vigorous campaign against professional beggars. Similarly, 252 absconders and proclaimed offenders were arrested. All this has been done by the Islamabad Police team, from constable to IG. He further said that they have also taken strong measures for the convenience of the public and improved public service delivery more than before.

Their prime agenda is crime prevention. Islamabad Police will not tolerate any criminal elements committing any crime with a citizen, and they will be apprehended. IGP Islamabad said in his message that Safe City Islamabad is also playing its full role in crime prevention. Crime forecasting, trending crime, crime hotspots, traffic routes of criminal elements, and their tracking are being addressed in Safe City Islamabad. Every officer of the Islamabad Police is present on the roads 24/7 to protect the lives and property of the citizens. Let’s join hands with the police so that, together, we can make our city a cradle of peace, he maintained.

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