The Lesson to be Learnt from War on Gaza

Israel is a terrorist state. It has thrown into dustbin the UN resolutions and OSLO Accord. America and England are supposed to intervene and settle the Middle East conflict amicably and peacefully according to UN resolutions. But it is highly sorrowful that they are backing Israel. It is the shocking element of their foreign policy and they have incurred the wrath of all people worldwide who believe in humanity, justice and peace. The American president Joe Biden and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plan to contest the upcoming elections. They are fanning the war flames to win the hearts of the religious extremists and want victory at the cost of the blood of the innocent civilians of Gaza. It is said that Benjamin Netanyahu is involved in financial corruption. He has no chance to win the next elections. He is acting like Adolf Hitler. Gaza tragedy is the Second Holocaust. Benjamin Netanyahu must be summoned by International Court of Justice and punished for War crimes.
I salute the Prime Minister of Spain, who visited Israel and in clear words told the Israeli government, to immediately stop attacking the civilians of Gaza and end the war. No Muslim country has severed the diplomatic relations with Israel. Shame on them. Great are the countries which are non- Muslims and have cut the diplomatic relations with Israel. I salute the President of South Africa, who announced to lodge complaint and file case against the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal. The way the citizens of Gaza are killed, it is unprecedented in the recent human history. UN Secretary General is a great humanitarian. He is doing his best to end the war and resolve the crisis in the light of UN resolutions but his cry is a cry in the wilderness. It is falling on deaf ears.
The temporary cease fire for four days is a good omen for peace. Both sides have signed the truce to release the hostages and prisoners. Benjamin Netanyahu is under great pressure from the Israelis to get released the hostages. America and the West pleaded for the release of the Israeli hostages but never spoke a word for the release of the Palestinian prisoners, who were in Israeli jails for decades. Where lies justice? The tall claim of justice and democracy need impartial attitude and action. Are the Palestinians animals and Israelis angels? Justice is justice. Justice for all is the slogan of the Americans guaranteed in the American constitution. I fear that after getting the Israeli hostages released, Benjamin Netanyahu may feel free to kill the innocent civilians of Gaza and quench his thirst with the blood of Muslims. He is a political fox cherishing cunning designs. He has shed the blood of fifteen thousand Muslim citizens. The Zionists believe the shedding of the blood of non- Jews as a virtue. They still lament on their defeat by the Muslims in the Battle of Khaiber, fought between them and the Prophet Mohammad. The Christian hardliners still desire vengeance for the Crusades fought between the Muslims and the Christians. Thanks to God, the enlightened and humanitarian Jews and Christians shun such historical bitter events and play their potent rule for peace. They are the people who are the salt of earth as described by Jesus Christ. The Palestinians have never made the Middle East dispute as a religious conflict. They only want the right to live as an independent nation. They want political rights as granted to them by UN. They want the implementation of
Two State Formula. But, the Israelis have made it a religious issue. It is mentioned with a heavy heart that the radical Jews and Christian hardliners have joined to kill the innocent Muslims of Gaza. But great are those Jews and Christians who have raised their voices against the violation of human rights in Gaza by Israel. Their rallies and protests are the proof of their respect for human rights. Such people are the cream of humanity. They believe in justice and peace, irrespective of religious and racial differences.
There are 57 Muslim countries. They lag behind in education, modernization, science and technology. They have no unity. Twenty Arab Muslim countries are under the stone wall of monarchy. Some others are in the tight and tenacious grip of military dictatorship. A few are democratic but their democracy is lopsided. These countries are zeros. Zero into zero is equal to zero. Zero added by zero is equal to zero. Then what to do? All Muslims must revolt against monarchies and establish democratic systems. The Muslims must abandon sectarianism, priesthood and pseudo Sufism and promote enlightenment, rationality and scientific research and scientific mindset to face their enemies. Until, there are monarchies, the Muslims will never unite. Let the non- monarchies unite and make “Muslim United League” to protect the Muslims rights. Organization of Islamic Countries ( OIC) has totally failed to protect the rights of the Muslims.
It is a plaything in the hands of monarchists. I strongly appeal to the pioneers of peace to shed aside religious extremism and racial discrimination and unite humans in the name of humanity. Without justice, there can be no peace. The freedom fighters of one nation are the terrorists of the other nation and the terrorists of one nation are the freedom fighters of the other nation. Who is who? What is the criterion to judge as to who is a terrorist and who is a freedman fighter? The ones who are aggressors and do not abide by International Law and do not implement UN resolutions are terrorists. Now, let the peace lovers decide whether Israel is a terrorist state or the Palestinians are terrorists.
In the end, I would like to share with all humans world wide the lesson that I learned from the tragedy of the genocide of the civilians of Gaza. And that is: Abulala Al- Muarri was a great Arabian poet. He was so kind and soft hearted that he never eat the meet. He used to eat vegetables and beans. Once, his host put before him a dish of a roasted partridge. He refused to eat it and said a few verses. Dr. Allama Iqbal in his poetry book titled (The Wing of Gabriel) wrote a poem titled “ Abulala Muarri” and conveyed the message of the poet in his own words. Muarri addresses the partridge and says:

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