Illiteracy in Pakistan

The literacy rate in Pakistan is 60%. It means that 40% people are illiterate. In rural areas, people are un-educated because they are in pursuance of their livelihood instead of getting education in schools. Resultantly, our country is slow towards progress. Illiterate people do not know how to react on things. They are always rude towards others. The most common cause of illiteracy is our agriculture based environment in which education is not considered a priority. There is no job for un-educated people. That is why the crime ratio is high in our society due to illiteracy. Rural people face problems for employment because they are totally un-educated. But on the other hand, those people who are literate they are also un-employed due to the shortage of jobs. Government should take steps to create job opportunities for the educated people. Government should also take steps to establish schools and colleges in villages so that children who are living in villages may not travel to cities to get education. 

Illiteracy is a big problem because the illiterate people are unable to understand the new techniques of social life. They do not enjoy the life. They do not understand the new policies. Every individual has right to get education in better institutions. Illiteracy minimizes the social relations in the society which leads to less development of resources. Illiterate person is unable to read books, magazine, articles, and other reading materials.  

He cannot participate in platforms of educated people. The society does not develop, if there is a number of a person un-educated. Illiteracy is a barrier in the social progress among people for betterment of the society. To bring them out of this illiteracy, they should be provided information through mass media of communication and educated people should explain the impacts of being literate. If we want to overcome on illiteracy, government should teach the illiterate people in good institutions with good teachers. To fulfil the dream, we should get good education. Education is a good tool which benefits all along the life. In fact, education is very important tool for everyone to succeed in life. 


Lahore, September 4. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt