KARACHI-Sindh Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Coastal Development (ECC&CD) Ismail Rahoo said Imran Niazi, who calls himself a big champion of climate change, did not attend the COP26 Glasgow conference, the world’s most important event on climate change. 

He said in a statement here on Sunday that the incompetent ministers Malik Amin Aslam and Zartaj Gul had returned after fighting with each other in Glasgow. Imran’s government did not do anything about climate change in the last four years, except for the false publicity of the billion tree fraud project. Rahoo said Imran Niazi completely ignored climate change. If he had any interest in climate change, he would have participated in the COP26 conference that held during his tenure.

The Sindh environment minister said the uncertainty of weather due to climate change has put Pakistan in a very difficult situation. “If millions of acres of agricultural land are not restored as soon as possible, we will have to face acute shortage of food.