ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan yesterday received another package of relief goods from Saudi Arabia for the flood affect­ees. Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian organization KSA ­Relief sent its fourth and fifth aid plane to Pakistan for victims of the deadly floods.

The humanitarian assistance was sent under the directives of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The relief materials were received by the Nation­al Disaster Management Authority to be distribut­ed to the affected people in a number of regions in Pakistan. Meanwhile, United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to send relief goods for flood victims in Pakistan as a cargo ship carrying relief goods equal to 30 containers reached Karachi port on Sunday.

According to the UAE consulate, the relief goods include food items, medicines and other goods for the thousands of flood victims in Pakistan.

The Gulf nation has contributed most for the flood affectees. UAE has already sent around 20 flights with relief goods to Pakistan. The materi­al was handed over to the Pakistani authorities at the Karachi port. Earlier this week, the first flight from Russia carrying relief goods for the flood vic­tims landed at Jinnah International Airport.

Russia sent rice, palm oil, dry milk, tents, water and other relief goods for the flood victims of Paki­stan. The material was received by Sindh minister Rasool Bux Chandio. The minister thanked Rus­sian authorities for extending helping handing to Pakistan in the testing times.