LAHORE    -    Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Professor Dr M Al-freed Zafar on Sunday said that mod­ern medical science and research was not less than a big challenge for young doctors.

Addressing the concluding session of a two-day course on the guide­lines for FCPS, MCP, and DGO, gyne­cologists students’ exam prepara­tion at Lahore General Hospital, he said that research and educational activities/book knowledge was im­perative to pay constant attention and to take up the habit of hard working and study, adding that the medical students became the best performing doctors in the shortest possible time and prove beneficial to the patients, as well.

Professor Al-freed expressed that the pursuit of medical education re­quired unwavering determination and tireless hard work. He said that awareness about the health of preg­nant women, the problems, and their solutions occur during maternity, was the most important responsibil­ity of the gynecologist. He asserted that doctors should consider their duty as their religious obligation and deal with the above mentioned problems with more determination and zeal during medical education.

“In preparation of a family, the mother and child were the basic unit and gynecologists could play an im­portant role in this regard because in the society every year a large number of pregnant women lost their lives due to various complica­tions and lack of awareness during pregnancy,” he added.

Professor Dr M Tayyab and Pro­fessor Dr Shehla Baqai delivered the lectures to the participants of the course about the guidance and technical issues regarding their ex­aminations.