PFA carries out grant op against fake juice mafia

LAHORE    -   Punjab Food Authority carried out a grand operation against fake juice mafia here on Sunday.

The newly-appointed Direc­tor General Punjab Food Au­thority chairman Mudassir Riaz Malik seems determined to take action against the adul­teration mafia. Soon after as­suming charge as the new DG, he made a surprise raid to a fake juice factory functioning at Thokar Niaz Baig on Sunday. The factory was immediately sealed for producing juice from artificial sweeteners, flavours, while 12,000 liters of unhealthy juice recovered from the factory was wasted by the PFA officials. Malik said that harmful chemi­cals were being used instead of pulp to produce juice. Moreover, the public was being misled by mislabeling the juice. Poor qual­ity juices in attractive packag­ing are consumed by innocent children and public, he added. Speaking about the condition of the factory, he informed that a lot of lizards and bees were also found in the production unit. Very poor chemicals were being used to add artificial flavors and thickeners. “There will be no compromise on the quality of healthy and quality food items,” said the DG food authority. “Those who repeatedly violate the rules of hygiene will several­ly punished according to the law and such adulteration practices cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. People are re­quested to prefer fresh fruits in­stead of fruit juices,” he advised.

Speaking to The Nation, PFA Chairman Ali Raza Khakwani said, “I have given clear in­structions to my department to take strict action against those who are found playing with the health of the people. I have ensured implementation of no tolerance policy against the culprits impartially. To­day’s departmental activity is the proof of this claim. We will not allow these filthy people to play with people’s lives for their own profit. I have instructed the PFA to take action across the board against the mafia who is involved in adulteration of con­suming items besides regularly checking the standard and qual­ity of the consuming items.”

It is pertinent to mention here the details by the PFA related to today’s action didn’t disclose the name of the juice factory which was sealed today nor the name of the owner of the factory.

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