Public health top priority of govt: Mayor Peshawar

PESHAWAR    -   Mayor Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali on Sunday said that dengue spray was being done in high risk areas and taking care of people’s health was the top most priority of the lo­cal government. 

Mayor Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali told media men during his vis­it to the city area said that there would be no compromise on it that was why steps have been taken to address the most hit dengue areas. 

“The process is ongoing and dengue preventive spraying was continued uninterruptedly in Pe­shawar,” Haji Zubair Ali said.

In this regard, he has assigned a special task to the Focal Person for Dengue, Mudasir Nazar, in which he was conducting uninterrupt­ed dengue spraying at the UC-NC level. Dengue prevention spray­ing was going on in different ar­eas of Peshawar including NC 103 NC 107’ NC 33’ NC 34’ NC 128’ NC 41’ N C 42, NC 51, NC 87 and oth­er NCs.

Mayor Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali said, “Protecting the people from dengue is the first priority. He said, “The number of dengue pa­tients is very high and even beds of patients in the hospitals are full and more people are receiving treatment at home.”

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