Final date for elections likely to be announced after ECP, parties huddle

ISLAMABAD   -  The political parties in the country have agreed to participate in a second round of consultations regarding the code of conduct for the upcoming general elec­tions. This move signals progress to­ward finalizing the code of conduct, and the announcement of the election date for 2024 is expected to follow this cru­cial meeting. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had previously sched­uled a second round of consultations with all political parties for October 4, specifically to discuss the code of con­duct for the general elections. Around a month ago, the ECP held an initial con­sultative meeting with political parties on various election-related matters.

In preparation for this meeting, the ECP has shared an 88-point draft of the code of conduct with political parties. This could potentially be the final con­sultative session with political parties concerning the upcoming elections.

The draft of the code of conduct emphasizes that political parties, contesting candidates, and election agents must always uphold the rights and freedoms of the people of Paki­stan as guaranteed by the Constitu­tion and law. It also advises against propagating opinions or taking ac­tions that could undermine Paki­stan’s ideology, sovereignty, integrity, security, or the independence of its judiciary. The draft further restricts public officeholders, including the president, prime minister, and oth­ers, from participating in election campaigns in any capacity.

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