Fish rots from the head down

By examining the conditions of the country in 2023, one can’t help but feel immense disappoint­ment. Economic conditions, in par­ticular, have plunged into darkness. The value of the dollar has plummet­ed against the Pakistani rupee, and inflation has reached record highs. Fuel prices have further exacerbated this situation, adding fuel to the fire. The leakage of foreign currency has become a worrisome menace. On the other hand, the arena of politics has become a stage for even more drama.

In pondering the reasons behind these woes, it becomes apparent that politicians bear much of the blame. The country operates under their authority; they are the decision-makers and lawmakers. The fate of the nation rests in their hands. Sadly, most government departments are functioning inadequately, lacking a robust system of accountability. Re­cently, PIA has been under the loom­ing threat of closure, and numerous other enterprises are suffering sig­nificant losses. Politicians have led us into the abyss of the worst possi­ble economic conditions.

If we aspire to see our nation prosper in practical terms, we must bring forth leaders who possess the qualities and attributes required to steer the region in the right di­rection. This can only be achieved through our votes. Before the elec­tions, let us firmly decide that our votes matter not just for ourselves but for our region and our nation. Let’s not squander this opportuni­ty; instead, let’s seize its advantages.



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