MDCAT’s successful students stage protest rally

PESHAWAR   -   Scores of students who passed the MDCAT exam on Monday staged a protest in front of the Peshawar Press Club and demanded stern action against the students involved in cheating rather than re-conducting the exam.

A large number of successful students of the MDCAT exam chanted slogans against the cheating mafia and protested the possible re-conduct of the exam.

They said that by re-conducting the MDCAT exam, the future of 46,000 students would be put in jeopardy. They demanded that action be taken against the cheating mafia and students from whom cheating devices were recovered. The students who have passed the exam should not be bothered.

They said re-conducting the exam would create suspicions and demanded an independent inquiry through a judicial commission to thoroughly probe the matter and decide about the course of the future.

They further said that they have clearly passed the exam, which should not be cancelled, adding that the arrested accused should be thoroughly investigated and the responsible should be awarded punishment to avert the recurrence of such a situation in the future. They said if the exam’s results were cancelled, then they would approach the court of justice.

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