‘Pakistan in 2047’

LAHORE-In a riveting literary discourse, Fakir Syed Aijazuddin, an erudite historian and Chartered Accountant, took centre stage to deliberate on the ominous vista of “Pakistan in 2047.” Amidst the hallowed precincts of Forman Christian College, Dr Jonathan Addleton, extolled Mr Aijazuddin’s profound literary contributions, primarily his seminal works chronicling Lahore’s rich history and artistry. In orchestrating this intellectual tour de force, the sagacious Ms Naomi Justin, advisor to the Ewing English Society, collaborated synergistically with the society’s president, Irfan Ul Haq, to curate a salient event. Mr Aijazuddin implored the congregation of young Pakistanis to grasp the reins of their nation’s destiny. He articulated a stark reality, lamenting Pakistan’s internal discord, an ailing democracy, and strained international relations, compounded by overpopulation and intellectual deficits. The haunting spectre of Kashmir’s quagmire, an organic appendage to Pakistan’s narrative, loomed ominously. Aijazuddin, echoing the sanctity of UN resolutions and the tribulations of Azad Kashmir, lamented India’s transgressions. Literature, Mr Aijazuddin posited, held the key to Pakistan’s future. He bemoaned the nation’s profligate expenditure and called for a paradigm shift towards practical achievements. The leitmotif of Aijazuddin’s address was the redemptive power of literature in Pakistan’s future, as he eviscerated the profligacy of expenditure, advocating a shift towards pragmatic attainments. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a double-edged sword, exemplified China’s munificence but bequeathed an onerous debt. The penultimate vista of 2047 unveiled a tableau where integrity reigned supreme, and gender parity metamorphosed from aspiration to norm. Mr Aijazuddin exhorted women to forge a redefined societal paradigm. In this literary soiree, Aijazuddin painted a vivid portrait of Pakistan’s future, tethered to its past and underscored by poignant struggles, urging the youth to steer the nation towards a luminous destiny.

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