Strict legal action against those involved in distribution of substandard injections, says CM

Unhindered sale of harmful Avastin injection CM says sale of injections will remain suspended till lab report


LAHORE   -  Acting against the officials responsible for allowing unhindered sale of harmful Avastin eye injections, the Punjab Primary Healthcare Department took decisive action on Monday by suspending 11 drug inspectors across six districts of the province. This included three inspectors each in Lahore and Ba­hawalpur, two in Rahimyar Khan, and one each in Jhang, Kasur, and Khanewal. The individuals facing suspension encompassed drug inspectors, deputy drug controllers, and drug controllers. In Lahore, the suspended officials were identified as Daniyal Ilahi Cheema, Sher Muhammad Zaman, and Rana Muhammad Shahid, with two drug inspectors and a deputy drug controller among them. In Jhang, drug controller Atiya Nawaz faced suspension, while in Bahawalpur drug controllers Ali Raza and Rana Muhammad Akram, along with a deputy drug controller faced similar action. Rahimyar Khan had drug controller Ameer Shahid and deputy drug controller Farrakh Saleem suspended. Meanwhile, Kasur’s drug control Sanaullah Saif and Khanewal’s drug controller Rana Akram also faced similar con­sequences for their roles in this matter. Separately, Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi vis­ited Mayo Hospital on Monday to meet with pa­tients who had suffered vision impairment due to substandard injections. The Chief Minister Naqvi showed empathy and offered words of support to the affected individuals, including Bashir Ahmed, Shahid Saleem, Manzoor Hussain, Ayesha, Mrs. Zahida, and Afshan Bibi. During these heartfelt in­teractions, the patients and their families expressed their emotions, with one distressed daughter tear­fully sharing her mother’s anguish and pleading for justice. Chief Minister Naqvi assured her that those responsible for her mother’s loss of sight would face legal consequences, emphasizing that FIRs had been filed, and efforts were underway to apprehend the culprits. The chief minister reaffirmed the govern­ment’s unwavering support for the affected patients, stating that all necessary resources were being mo­bilized for their treatment, with the Punjab govern­ment covering the cost of their care. Medical profes­sionals, including Dr. Asad Aslam, provided updates on the patients’ conditions and treatment plans, sharing the positive news of a successful operation for patient Afshan. Talking to the media, the CM Punjab stressed that stringent legal actions would be taken against those involved in the distribution of substandard injections. He highlighted that some patients were admitted to private hospitals, while others had returned home, but the Punjab govern­ment was committed to offering comprehensive treatment services. Chief Minister Naqvi promised a thorough investigation to identify the responsible parties and determine whether the issue stemmed from the injection itself, its transportation, or tem­perature control, as the injections traveled from Lahore to Sadiqabad. Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the importance of accountability and expressed concern over the conduct of drug inspectors, as well as the role of the Healthcare Commission. He concluded by emphasizing the need for introspection and a com­mitment to improvement, stating that mere trans­fers of personnel would not suffice.Talking to re­porters at another event on the same subject, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi confirmed the suspension of non-standard injections’ sale in Punjab till lab re­ports. A final decision regarding their usage will be contingent on the lab findings. He underscored that rigorous measures have been initiated against the concerned drug inspectors and authorities respon­sible for substandard injection sales. In light of the nationwide spread of conjunctivitis, Chief Minister Naqvi advocated preventive measures such as regu­lar handwashing.

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