Transformation of The Mall into a plastic road on the cards, says CM

LAHORE  -  Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Monday inaugurated the first-ever plastic road in the province. The historic in­auguration took place on Zafar Ali Plastic Road, stretching from Gymkhana Mall Road to Jail Road. He meticulously examined the quality and construction of this innovative road, accompanied by a detailed briefing on its utility by the Secretary of Communication and Works and esteemed professors from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Commending the technical exper­tise and invaluable support provided by UET professors in the creation of this plastic road, Chief Minister Naqvi expressed his apprecia­tion. Addressing the media, he underscored the success of this pioneering venture and revealed plans to expand its scope. Follow­ing a thorough one-month review of the ex­isting plastic road, further expansions are on the horizon, including the transformation of Mall Road into a plastic road. One of the key advantages of a plastic road lies in its resil­ience against rainwater, ensuring a lifespan of a minimum of 10 years. Unlike conventional roads, these innovative constructions are not susceptible to rain-induced damage. More­over, the financial outlay for constructing a plastic road has been significantly reduced, with this project amounting to Rs 20 million as opposed to the standard Rs 60 million for a regular road. A crucial environmental ben­efit is that the plastic used in these roads is sourced from recycled materials, effectively re-purposing plastic waste that would other­wise contribute to environmental pollution. This eco-friendly approach to road construc­tion not only minimizes costs but also serves as a sustainable solution. Chief Minister Naqvi also learned during the briefing that used shopping bags and other plastic ma­terials are integral components in the con­struction of these roads. Furthermore, the production process of plastic roads is more time-efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional asphalt roads. Additionally, they require considerably less maintenance, making them a practical and long-lasting infrastructure choice. In attendance at this event were Provincial Ministers Azfar Ali Nasir, Amir Mir, Secretary of Communica­tion and Works, Secretary of Information, esteemed professors from UET Lahore, the Deputy Commissioner, DGPR, and other rel­evant officials.

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