Sher Shah Suri’s GT road is renowned for various things, from linking three capitals to momentous structures. But the utmost protuberant feature of GT road comes out to be the ‘Taste Factories’ of the people living around.

From New Delhi to Kabul and from Islamabad to Karachi, where ever the GT curves, every section carries its own food fantasies. Drifting on GT from Islamabad toward Lahore at 176 KM, on the edge of Chenab River lies ‘Gujrat’. Historically known for the love anecdotes, the city developed as the ‘Hub of Food’. Discovering the metropolitan, some well-known food points having extraordinary nutriment could not be unheeded.

At the top of them is The Maghaz of Prince Hotel, most commonly known as The Prince of Maghaz positioned in the heart of the city - Chowk Pakistan. The eatery is nearly 88 years old and serving folks for 3 generations. Maghaz-The sheep brain is broiled in Desi Ghee laterally hand grinded spices. The bulging feature of Maghaz is its gastronomic bravura as the owner (Mr.Abdul Hameed Butt) enlightens that it takes numerous hours of standing and steadily rousing a hefty dollop to concoct it in a surreptitious formula.

The Brain is ready to serve when the cruces collide with each other and aether vicissitudes into a foodaholic milieu. Served with a small sized, perfectly baked crispy Roti in a mud tandoor, the taste of Maghaz blows out the taste buds of any food lover. The texture, the taste, the impact and the smoothness of recipe has subterranean rooted effects in consumers mind and stomach. The Prince also serves some other distinct dishes i.e. Shahi Chanay, Daal Maash and Mutton Palak Paneer, which are worth bothering.

Ensuing in the city is The Doodh of Dhakki, positioned in Kabli Gate, the shop obliges the best eminence milk.

This special milk takes noteworthy time before it is served. First of all, the milk is simmered in a huge brass vessel for hours then for concluding touches it is loosened into a round designed silver pot-bellied utensil called Garvi, which spins on water to calm down the milk. After the milk is chilled, it is relocated to a grinding appliance for skimming the perfect Malai.

The mined Fat Factory is served in hefty metallic glass along the cold milk assorted with nuts. Last on the list appears to be ‘The Shahi Gol Gappay’ sited on Gujrat Railway Road. These gol gappas carry some diverse attire. Phuchkas are bursted with Aalu, Chanay and Lobia added frosting of the seasonal fruits dipped in cream. This Watery Bread is obliged with fresh which complements taste buds with a treacle perception.

Likewise, the municipal branded for The Love Birds vicissitudes into The Heaven of Food.