ISLAMABAD     -    In the wake of devastation caused by the floods, especially in the provinces of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, KP and Gil­gat-Baltistan, National As­sembly Speaker Raja Per­vaiz Ashraf has announced donation of one month sal­ary of all MNAs, including himself, and two-day sal­ary of all employees of Na­tional Assembly for rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected people. Speaker Pervaiz Ashraf, presently in Canada to at­tend 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Assembly, raised this issue during his various meetings with speakers of Canada, Aus­tralia, Malaysia, the Secre­tary General of the Inter Parliamentary Union and others and uprised them of the damages done by floods. In his meetings with expatriate community, the speaker also appealed to the overseas Pakistanis, philanthropists and well-placed Pakistanis to come forward, shedding all po­litical, religious or cultural differences and unite as one nation to jointly help their brothers and sisters in distress.