RAJANPUR    -   Rescue 1122 has so far res­cued 6,250 individuals in­cluding women and children from flood-hit areas of dis­trict Rajanpur while another 6,210 persons including those stranded in flooded ar­eas were assisted in different ways to meet their needs.

District Emergency Of­ficer Rescue 1122, Dr Mu­hammad Aslam told APP on Friday that water rescue teams from across Punjab including from Lahore, Mul­tan, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan were assisting Rajan­pur rescuers in rescuing people day and night at dif­ferent rescue points set up at Qutub Pul Fazalpur, Mi­ran Pur, Miran Pur Shumali, Bambli, Basti Nizam Abad, Haji Pur, Dajal, Basti Lakha, Murghai tower, Mauza Kaan Wala, Basti Joiya, Mauza Kin, model village Rojhan, and Danda Kot Rojhan. 

At least 6,250 individu­als have so far been rescued while another 6,210 persons were provided transportation facility besides transportation of medicines and food to those stranded in flood-affected ar­eas, he added. Dr Aslam said that rescuers would continue to operate with their boats till the time they are needed in flood-stricken areas.