LAHORE    -   Former governor Punjab and chair­man Board of Management Institute of Public Health, Lieutenant General (retd) Khalid Maqbool says health has become a global issue and a dis­ease that starts in one corner of the world also spreads in other parts of the global, therefore, everyone has to make joint efforts to prevent diseas­es. He expressed these views while addressing the closing ceremony of a month-long training course on Mini­mum Service Delivery Standards for health professionals of private and public sector hospitals in collabo­ration with the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC), at the Institute of Public Health.

He added that the Institute of Pub­lic Health is active to improve public health, prevent diseases and cre­ate awareness among people about diseases. He said that the Punjab Healthcare Commission is perform­ing its responsibilities efficiently to ensure the provision of quality health facilities in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Khalid Maqbool further said that IPH is collaborat­ing with local and international institutions, health organizations and universities for health sector development. Khalid Maqbool said that spending in the health sector is actually an investment, if the soci­ety is healthy then the country will be prosperous and there can be no compromise on the standards of treatment and diagnosis in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. On this oc­casion, CEO Punjab Healthcare Com­mission Dr. Saqib Aziz said that the Healthcare Commission is strictly implementing MSDS to ensure qual­ity health and diagnostic facilities in all hospitals, laboratories and clinics of the province. He added that PHC’s collaboration with the Institute of Public Health will continue in the future. He said that the Health Care Commission is also in touch with the College of Physicians and Surgeons to improve the quality of services in public and private hospitals and all types of clinics.