As the sweltering temperature dwindles across the country, the monsoon season of rain shrouds the atmosphere. There is no denying the fact that we are successfully out of one difficult situation—a hell of summer. However, another one con­tinues to befall upon us in the form of heavy downpour. There could be many families who might be rel­ishing in such clement and roman­tic weather while singing in chorus, sipping dainty tea, having delicious and yummy foods with their rela­tives and loved ones.It might be a season of an exalted romance, in­finite love, chitchat, overwhelming enjoy, tranquility and mammoth ju­bilation for the the rich and wealthy. For the destitute people and have-nots, it’s the season of tribulation, great misery, poignant anxiety and devastation. To the well-off; the sound of rain drops is like a roman­tic and mellifluous song; but an aw­ful shock to the poor.

For the last couple of days, it has been raining continuously across the country which has started wrecking havoc with all the four provinces with Balochistan being the worst affected where spate of shabby mud houses of the poor had submerged and collapsed caused by torrential rain flood, and many lost their lives and inundat­ed while retrieving their children under the debris, while many of them sustained serious injuries— are yet to get recovery. Moreover, in this inflation-ridden era, their business got hurt standing still for many days due to stagnant water caused by flash floods. As ill luck would have it, yet the most wor­risome picture is that the rain has also played havoc with stand­ing crops and castles of rural peo­ple which is their bread and but­ter to look after the houses. The situation paints the scenario as a doomsday for the underprivileged who are living in the open sky with their innocent children because of having no house to live in.

In this whole scenario, unfortu­nately, the role of the state is no­where to be seen. It is duty-bound for the state to take immediate ac­tions by carrying out rescue and re­lief operations in rain-hit areas, but its performance has been lackluster, dull and inert throughout the sad circumstances. In addition, political parties are seen to be engrossed in having daggers drawn with one an­other for their vested interest and don’t bother to pay heed to the piti­able condition of the poor people who are much affected by the re­lentless flash flood. Furthermore, the Shahbaz-led government is ut­terly busy in playing a game of po­litical victimization by taking re­venge on its arch opponents.

Putting their farce political dra­ma and deep-rooted differences aside, the incumbent government, provincial government and au­thorities concerned should awake from their profound slumber, and must take concerted and coordi­nated measures to facilitate the poor people by providing them houses to live in, food to eat, ba­sic amenities to use with the Flood Relief Cash giving to the flood-stricken people who lost their ev­erything. As for dilapidated and damaged infrastructure, the gov­ernment must make collabora­tive efforts with the international development partners to help re­design the badly damaged infra­structure so as to preclude flood-caused damages down the road.