People lack awareness about fundamental rights: Speakers

MOHMAND  -  Restrictions on basic human rights sig­nificantly impact the development and progress of society. Bashir Ahmad Ad­vocate made this observation during a seminar organized by the Marasthyal Welfare Foundation on the topic of “Fundamental Rights” at the Mohmand Press Club Ghalanai on Saturday.

The seminar was attended by Chairman Marasthyal Foundation Afzal Mohmand, organizer Rizwan Ullah, NC 13 Chairman Eng. Jubir Khan, Majid Khan, Taimur Shah, Shah Khalid, and other students and so­cial workers from the tribal district. Speaking at the event, the speakers noted that many people lack aware­ness of their basic fundamental rights, which leads to difficulties in their lives. Bashir Safi Advocate highlighted that the Constitution of Pakistan grants citizens fundamental rights, including freedom of speech, thought, information, religion, the right to education, the right to life, the right to privacy, and others.

The speakers emphasized that it is the State’s primary responsibility to protect the rights of the general public and provide assistance to marginalized segments of society. They stressed the importance of self-accountability and proactive implementation to reform society, as politics driven by personal in­terests, hatred, and revenge have caused significant harm. “Weaken­ing each other weakens us as a na­tion economically,” they stated.

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