‘PPP believes delay in polls to be violation of Constitution’

LAHORE  -  The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) reiterated its commitment on Saturday to employing all legal avenues to ensure timely conduct of upcoming elections. Shazad Saeed Cheema, Secretary Infor­mation of PPP Central Punjab, alongside senior party figures Munawar Anjum and Faisal Mir, ad­dressed the media and conveyed their stance here. Cheema emphatically underscored the party’s de­mand for elections to be conducted on schedule, vehemently asserting that any delay would amount to a breach of the Constitution. He revealed that the PPP had deliberated the national landscape and the impending elections during the PPP’s Central Executive Committee meeting, reaching consen­sus on adhering to the constitutional time-frame. Highlighting the significance of the matter, Cheema pointed out that with no change in number of seats after delimitation of constituencies would make census process meaningless. He also highlighted the deepening economic crisis that continues to increase hardships of ordinary citizens.

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