Security institutions, faith leaders defeat Indian designs of religious instigation in Pakistan: Ashrafi

Says India inciting unrest among Muslim, Christian and Shia-Sunni communities within Pakistan

SARGODHA  -  Pakistan Ulema Council Chair­man Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi on Saturday said the national security insti­tutions and faith leaders from both the Muslim and Christian communities had successfully defeated the Indian nefarious designs aimed at fomenting re­ligious discord in Pakistan.

Addressing a cross-denomi­national harmony conference, organized by the district peace committee, he said as per re­ports, there had been active involvement by certain hostile forces from India to incite un­rest among Muslim, Christian, and Shia-Sunni communities within Pakistan. Ashrafi who is also the President of the International Interfaith Har­mony Council informed that before the Jaranwala tragedy, the national security agencies in collaboration with religious scholars and leaders of all schools of thought countered these nefarious plans in Sar­godha, Sialkot and other cities. 

He said the criminals behind the Jaranwala incident were ex­pected to be exposed soon. “Al­though specific details are yet to be disclosed, it can be con­firmed that even in Jaranwala, there exists a malevolent intent backed by anti-Pakistan ide­ologies and external support to instigate religious turmoil,” he added. Ashrafi expressed appreciation to the religious scholars, leaders, and admin­istrative personnel for their successful efforts in foiling conspiracies designed to create interfaith and intra-faith dis­harmony in the country.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Muhammad Ajmal Bhatti re­marked, “Sargodha embodies tranquillity, and collectively, we strive to uphold this peace­ful ambience.” Regional Police Officer Shariq Kamal Siddiqui conveyed that over the last five days, 64 complaints were lodged regarding controversial content on social media across various districts in Punjab. He highlighted that the intention behind such acts was to dis­rupt harmony and sow discord among the people of Pakistan. He emphasized that the police, in collaboration with other security agencies, remained watchful and actively engaged in quelling such adversaries within the nation.

A spokesman for Churches Pakistan, Amail Khokhar ar­ticulated that the demise of an individual equates to the loss of all of humanity. He ex­pressed, “We must heed the divine, bridge differences, and foster affection to ensure tran­quillity pervades every corner of our nation.” Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Shoaib Ali ex­tended a warm welcome to all the attendees as he delivered the inaugural address. Member of Provincial Assembly Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, members of the Christian community, re­ligious scholars from various sects, professors, and individu­als from diverse walks of life also participated in the event.

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