Peaceful Pakistan Celebrates the Strong Women of Pakistan

Peaceful Pakistan, looked over by Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board Dr Umar Saif, carried out a series of activities and sessions to celebrate the strong women of Pakistan during the month of October. Having a staunch belief that women play an integral role in nation-building while emphasizing on Breast Cancer Awareness, the activities held in various suburban areas of Lahore catered to the underprivileged and working women from the grassroots.

Peaceful Pakistan, with the support of Pink Ribbon, initiated the activity at Punjab Information Technology Board to observe Pinktober with senior management and the tenants. It was encouraging to see the male counterparts take part in the activity by paying tribute to women as being an important part of the organization.

Major activities were organized in the areas of Mehmood Booti and Gari Shahu in which women were encouraged to prioritize their health and wellbeing for the progress of the nation.  Quoting Quaid-e-Azam and the role women during Pakistan Movement, Michelle Chaudhry President of Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation as motivational speaker for Peaceful Pakistan said, “No nation can excel without the support of its women. The contribution of women cannot be overlooked because their participation in nation-building is an important ingredient to obtain an equitable, peaceful and prosperous society. A society that honours the contribution of women, children, and minorities is less likely to initiate violence and elevates peace and prosperity.”

To give detailed information on Breast Cancer Awareness, Dr Zahra Javed, Health and Nutrition Consultant, stressed on the need of healthy eating. She particularly stressed on hygiene and cleanliness giving easily doable tips. She concluded the session saying, “If the women of our nation are strong, the family institutions contributing towards nation building, shall be strong too. Women should, therefore, take care of their health and enable themselves economically to be self-reliant.”

 Peaceful Pakistan, through meeting these women during the activities, experienced the true essence of hard work and tolerance. With a vow to reach out to the most needed, Peaceful Pakistan is on mission to spread the message of peace and national solidarity. 

Published in Young Nation magazine on November 12, 2016

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