The Lahore High Court on Thursday barred petrol pumps from selling fuel to motorcyclists not wearing safety helmets.

Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi ordered the concerned authorities to seal pumps who fail to abide by the directives.

The judge had earlier directed traffic police chief and other police officials to take departmental action against cops and traffic wardens if they were found riding motorbikes without helmets as well as side mirrors.

“No one is above the law, a judge of Lahore High Court had been ticketed through e-ticket system, if judges are paying the fine so why not others”, Justice Qureshi remarked, adding that judges of Lahore High Court admired the new e-ticket system as everyone is equal in the eye of law.

In November, the Lahore High Court had declared it mandatory for pillion riders to wear helmets from December 1.

The directives were issued as the court heard a case pertaining to the use of helmets. Strict action against violators was ordered as well.