LAHORE                  -             In a country like Pakistan where traditional conservative thought shuns any idea of female liberation, it comes as no surprise that second marriages and that to for women, is a concept as alien as it could get.

Nurtured to subconsciously meet her life’s biggest goal...her wedding, one often times wonders...what happens to all those women who might be in an unhappy marriage? What happens when they decide break it off and remarry? Do they deserve to celebrate the second marriage as joyfully as the first? Who gives anyone the right to strip these women of the freedom to celebrate it first, second or even third?  A recent video that breaks away from the shackles of social norms comments on the same.

Starring the two actresses ShaziaNaz and Mahira Khan as sisters, the video captures the bittersweet feelings of shame and joy a woman might feel when remarrying. Shamed by society’s remarks, she still brims with joy for having found another chance for companionship.

The concept of the video aptly comes forward as the naani exclaims ‘Jo  bethgayi so bethgayilekinpehli inning k baadkhelkhatamthorinahojatahai’.  The video compels viewers to become more acceptable of the right to celebrate a second marriage as much as one would the first. Shazia (playing the sister whose marrying for the second time) dances to the beat of her drum with hope of a promising future. Mahira (playing the bride’s maid of honor) encourages the celebration while helping her sister build the confidence that the society would otherwise opt to crush.  The video gives a fresh perspective of considering widowed or divorced women as more than the piercing labels of ‘second hand’ or ‘good for nothing’.

Shazia’s affection towards her daughter also changes the widely accepted view that a woman remarrying might be nasty and inconsiderate towards her child.  The concept doesn’t only break free the taboo of celebrating second marriage but also enforces three major things to celebrate - courage, choice and life. Hopefully this concept will be picked up by the masses and will eventually create more acceptability in our society. Here’s hoping for a future of liberated and empowered women.