Global education expo held for students counselling

LAHORE   -  In a bid to foster global educational oppor­tunities, TCL Global organized the “Global Education Expo” on Mon­day to provide a platform for stu­dents to explore international ac­ademic avenues.

This event offered students at­tractive scholarships as per stu­dents varied interests and also hosted renowned international stakeholders, university represent­atives of more than 20 top ranked universities, and key players such as the British Council (IELTS) and PTE for students’ counselling and guid­ance. The expo was curated to offer students an immersive experience, with a special focus on informative kiosks and one to one interactive session. The event’s highlight was Mr. Ryan Powell, Global Director of Partnerships, TCL Global who pre­sented the global perspectives and led insightful sessions on various facets of international education.

He emphasized the importance of global education and said “Ed­ucation knows no boundaries, and the Global Education Expo pro­vides platform for students to ex­plore the vast world of possibili­ties. Students receive important insights from their connections with institutions and global stake­holders that extend beyond the classroom and textbooks. This oc­casion serves as evidence of the influence that international coop­eration will have on the direction of education.”

Faisal Mahmood, the Country Director of TCL Global Pakistan, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The Global Educa­tion Expo served as a gateway for students to explore endless possi­bilities in the world of education. We believe that fostering global connections is crucial for person­al and professional growth, and this expo aimed to bridge the gap between aspiring students and in­ternational opportunities.”

The expo provided a unique op­portunity for students and fac­ulty to engage directly with experienced counsellors and in­ternational stakeholders. Attend­ees gained valuable insights into scholarships, career growth pros­pects, and post-study work op­portunities. This immersive expe­rience was tailored to empower students to make informed deci­sions about their academic and professional journeys. 

In reflecting on the success of the Global Education Expo, Fais­al Mahmood added, “We are com­mitted to facilitating educational opportunities that transcend bor­ders. The positive response from students and educational institu­tions affirms the need for such in­itiatives, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in connect­ing Pakistani students with global educational excellence.”

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