Health Secretary monitors polio campaign

ISLAMABAD  -  Federal Secretary for Health, If­tikhar Ali Shallwani, monitored polio vaccination activities in Is­lamabad and interacted with po­lio teams on Monday – the first day of the ongoing nationwide polio immunization campaign. Secretary Shallwani visited the Community Health Centre in Union Council Shah Allah Ditta, accompanied by district ad­ministration officials and the senior leadership of the Polio Programme, including NEOC Co­ordinator Dr. Shahzad Baig. He found the centre equipped with adequate polio vaccine supplies, well-trained fixed teams, and ad­ministrative support staff.

During his visit, Secretary Shallwani also went out into the field to meet polio vaccina­tors as they went door-to-door immunizing children. In his in­teractions with the vaccinators, Secretary Shallwani expressed appreciation for their hard work and dedication to protecting the future generations of Pakistan from polio. He encouraged them to continue their mission with the same enthusiasm.

As part of his visit, the health secretary also inspected a tran­sit vaccination team in Zam Zam Plaza, Dhoke Abbasi area of UC Rural, spending time with the team that was active­ly vaccinating children on the move. Transit teams play a cru­cial role in vaccinating children who are travelling and might be missed in house-to-house campaigns.

The Health Secretary empha­sized the ongoing threat of po­lio to children, noting that it has devastated lives and left them paralyzed for decades.

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