Maryam Nawaz – first woman leader of the house: She looked calm, composed in her maiden speech

Maryam Nawaz was composed and calm in her maiden speech as Punjab Chief Minister contrary to her pre-election posture - quite aggressive and daring to her political rivals - during election rallies.

“I have no intention to take revenge from my political opponents. I have learnt a lesson from my mother how to face adversities.

I invite everyone to join the caravan of prosperity and development. I am the chief minister of all,” Maryam Nawaz said while addressing the house of MPs in the Punjab Assembly.

Netizens reacted to her first speech with a positive note and termed her address an olive branch to her political rivals whom she faced for a long time.

A social media user said, “There is a clear indication in her speech that she wants to do something for her people. Let her do work for the country and its people.”

A netizen said, “Her maiden speech was very impressive. She seemed calm and composed and determined to live up with people’s expectations.

She was a different lady in the house of the MPs contrary to election rallies where she was aggressive and harsh to her political rivals.”

A female social media user said, “I am against legacy politics, but I do hope the new female chief minister will take steps for the protection of women rights. I appreciate her for taking notice of maltreatment of an old woman by a police officer in Taxila.”

“The new CM belongs to the family who ruled the country for a long time. Her father remained three-time prime minister whereas her uncle remained prime minister and Punjab CM, and under their guidance she will run the biggest province and deliver,” a social media user said.

A social media user says, “I think her appointment as a chief minister will give world a soft image. World views Pakistan as a conservative state. With Maryam as the first female leader of the house, this impression will dilute now.”

“I don’t think she came to power through fair elections. Pakistan is facing huge economic crisis due to the people who committed corruption when they were in power,” a social media fan commented.

Social media is abuzz with comments on Maryam Nawaz for becoming the first female chief minister of the largest province of Pakistan.

Netizens term her appointment as the leader of the house in Punjab assembly a positive development in giving the world a soft image of Pakistan.

International media too gave ample coverage to news pertaining to Maryam Nawaz as becoming the first female chief minister of any province of Pakistan.

It highlighted her political career, and ups and downs in her political journey, and interviewed people to know their comments regarding the first female chief executive of the largest province of Pakistan.

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