Police launches Central Complaint Cell

ISLAMABAD   -  Following ICCPO Dr Akbar Na­sir Khan’s directive, Islamabad Capital Police inaugurated a Cen­tral Complaint Cell dedicated to registering and addressing citi­zens’ grievances, as confirmed by a public relations officer on Mon­day. The innovative approach ex­tends to handling complaints, ap­plications, and related cases. The centralized system ensures swift action, recording all requests at any level or office under the num­ber 1715 for efficient processing. To prevent time wastage, identical requests from different offices will face legal consequences. This ini­tiative aims to boost efficiency by consolidating all complaints and reducing unnecessary demands on police time. Citizens are en­couraged to report suspicions or emergencies via their local police stations, the emergency helpline “Pucar-15,” or the “ICT-15” app.

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