Punjab driving license annual updated fees for 2024

In a remarkable initiative aimed at improving road safety, the Punjab government has fixed its driving license fee framework, starting January 1, 2024. The recent modification involves shifting from a five-year fee collection cycle to an annual system, with the goal of simplifying the licensing process and encouraging compliance with traffic laws.

The decision stems from a tragic incident involving an unlicensed young driver that resulted in the loss of six lives. The government is now committed to preventing such occurrences by implementing stricter measures. 
To address the issue of driving without a license, the Lahore City Traffic Police is intensifying efforts to curb crimes committed by individuals with a criminal background throughout Punjab.

New fee structure

-Learner’s License: Annual Fee (PKR) – 500

-Motorcycle: Annual Fee (PKR) – 500

-Car/Jeep: Annual Fee (PKR) – 1800

-Motorcycle Rickshaw: Annual Fee (PKR) – 500
-Light Transport (LTV): Annual Fee (PKR) – 2000

-Heavy Transport (HTV): Annual Fee (PKR) – 2000

-Tractor: Annual Fee (PKR) – 1000

-Commercial Tractor: Annual Fee (PKR) – 1500

-Public Service Vehicle: Annual Fee (PKR) – 1500

-Disabled Persons: Annual Fee (PKR) – 0

-Other Categories: Annual Fee (PKR) – 1000

The shift to an annual fee structure is aimed at making the licensing process more accessible and has resulted in a notable increase in applications in recent months.

The adjustment in fees is part of broader efforts to enhance road safety, discouraging unlicensed driving and contributing to a safer and more organized traffic environment in Punjab. 
Motorcycle riders and individuals seeking license applications are encouraged to stay updated on these alterations to ensure adherence to the updated fee schedules, thus preventing potential legal repercussions. These changes underscore the Punjab government’s dedication to road safety, highlighting the significance of adopting responsible driving behaviors.

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