Ramazan relief package: USC urges BISP to fully enroll beneficiaries

ISLAMABAD  -  Poor families were unable to get ben­efit from the previous Ramazan relief package, aimed to provide targeted subsidy for the beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program, as there are a significant portion of eligible families who are not registered in the program or unaware of the services available to them through the BISP database.

During the experience of previous relief package for the BISP registered citizens, it has come to fore that there are a significant portion of eligible families who are not registered or aware of the services available to them through BISP database, said a letter sent to BISP by Managing Director Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan.

The letter seen by The Nation said that “Government of Pakistan intends to provide subsidy on es­sential food items to citizens of Pak­istan registered in BISP database having PMT score up to 60 during the Ramazan 2024 as special Rama­zan Relief Package through Util­ity Stores Corporation of Pakistan (USC).” “To ensure that no one in the country is left without the relief they need, USC strongly urge and request BISP to take proactive mea­sures to register more citizens in their database so that more citizens can avail benefit from this Ramazan Relief Package through USC plat­form,” the letter maintained. This may be achieved through targeted outreach campaigns and collabora­tions with communities, USC also offer its support to provide regis­tration desk on USC Stores available across the country to help facilitate this initiative, it added.

“By increasing the number of reg­istered families, we can expand the reach of Ramazan Relief Package and ensure that more people receive the relief they require during the holy month of Ramazan,” the letter to BISP said. “The Ramazan Relief Package is starting from March 4th, 2024, and I am confident that by working togeth­er, we can make a significant differ­ence in the lives of those who are most vulnerable and in need of assistance,”. It is worth to note that the federal gov­ernment has decided to give a Rama­zan relief package worth more than Rs 7.49 billion to utility stores during Ramazan 2024, which is two and a half billion rupees more than the Rs 5 billion of the subsidy provided during the last year’s Ramazan package.

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