Sheikh Nuri praises American-Pakistani philanthropist’s work for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD  -  The custodian of the keys to Roza-e-Ra­sool (PBUH) has appreciated the char­itable work of American-Pakistani philanthropist and entrepreneur, Tan­weer Ahmed. 

Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali, the custodian of the keys to Roza-e-Ra­sool (PBUH) praised the work of Tan­weer Ahmed during his public engage­ments in Pakistan which lasted for a week. The tour of the key holder of Ro­za-e-Rasool (PBUH) was organised by Tanweer Ahmed so that the revered figure could speak to Pakistanis direct­ly and share ideas. 

Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali said that Tanweer Ahmed had contributed for the promotion of IT education and quality health in Pakistan to help the country at a large scale. The custodian stated that Tanweer Ahmed was a role model for others and he led by exam­ple to show what charity is important and how countries like Pakistan bene­fit from such causes. 

Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali also de­livered a lecture at Pakistan’s premi­um IT institution, Islamabad’s Nation­al University of Science & Technology (NUST). Recently, Tanweer Ahmed do­nated $9 million to NUST’s IT Tower to help students from poor backgrounds gain access to quality education through scholarships, with a focus on helping and empowering the most im­poverished students from all across Pa­kistan. Gen Asim Munir, the Army Chief, has praised Tanweer Ahmed for his contribution in the following words: “Pakistan is proud of heroes like you.” 

Governor Sindh Muhammad Kam­ran Khan Tessori held a meeting with Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali, the cus­todian of the keys to Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) at Governor House and thanked him for his role in helping Pakistan. 

A special ceremony was held in hon­our of Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ahmad Ali, at Eidgah shrine in Rawalpindi. 

Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ahmad Ali, during his engagements, prayed for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. 

Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Af­fairs also held a meeting with Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ahmad Ali. The min­ister said it is part of our faith that Ro­za-e-Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasal­lam is the holiest place on the earth. He said the people of Pakistan are deeply attached to Saudi Arabia and Madinah Tayyaba. 

Tanweer Ahmed said that Shaikh Nuri Muhammad Ahmad Ali’s pres­ence in Pakistan was a privilege and his kindness and affection towards the people of Pakistan were deeply appre­ciated. He said: “Sheikh Nuri Muham­mad Ali commands a high position. He is sincere to the people of Pakistan and has always been an advocate of the people of Pakistan. We are thankful to him for his affection.” 

American-Pakistani businessman ty­coon Tanweer Ahmed has made head­lines in Pakistan in recent days over his generous donation of $9 million to NUST. The $9 million donation is one of the sin­gle largest donations by any overseas Pa­kistani to any Pakistani university.

The Army Chief told Ahmed in a re­cent acknowledgement: “Your support to NUST in establishing the Science and Technology Park, expansion of campuses and partnership for assist­ing financially challenged students are praiseworthy initiatives, meeting due recognition. Indeed, through this ven­ture not only will NUST gain further strength but will also enable many stu­dents to bear their expenditures. Your efforts in the domains of humanitarian assistance and interest in academia of Pakistan is a true reflection and favour for the people of Pakistan.” 

Two months ago, the Governor of Sindh Kamran Tessori conferred a doc­torate and a gold medal on Tanweer Ahmed for his philanthropic work in Pa­kistan. The business tycoon has already built a state-of-the-art hospital in Sialkot.

Tanweer Ahmed is an American-Pa­kistani businessman, investor, entre­preneur and philanthropist who works with major companies, not-for-profit organisations and hospitals. He is the owner of the largest cricket complex in Houston, the Prairie View Crick­et Complex and the owner of the Hou­ston Hurricanes cricket franchise. The multi-millionaire businessman is the founder of a brand of food chains and also owns many food chain franchis­es like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC. He owns California’s largest transport company and has business interests in the energy sector and medicine in­dustry. Tanweer Ahmed is credited for taking over 50 million dollars in aid to Pakistan during the 2022 devastating floods in Pakistan.

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