More bullet-proof cars

Buying bullet-proof cars at the expense of the taxpayers undoubtedly borders on financial misdemeanour when the bill runs into many billions of rupees. This has become a standard practice that explains how irresponsibly the government construes the meaning of perks and privileges given to ministers. No wonder the bureaucratic staff with the VVIPs too has developed a flair for such vehicles. Besides, the federal government has ordered the purchase of 23 such vehicles at a time when the Election Commission is making clamours that such wasteful expenditure be stopped. What about pro-austerity commitments that the members of the ruling class have been making from time to time and also their excuse that they are cash-strapped when money for development work is needed? Leaders roaming around in these armoured cars leaving the ordinary people to the mercy of the terrorists, it should put their conscience to shame.

Imagine if all this money had been spent on ramping up the security so that everyone could feel safe and there was no need for such measures. Definitely, the country is full of contradictions; the poor are scorched by lack of water, electricity and medicine, while there is no end to such luxuries for the rich.

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