Muslim ummah must gather against Zionist plan of Eretz Israel

It’s not difficult to pursue in medium-to-long term as the mutual benefits gained lead to more advantageous position being sought through unity

A major difference factor between Eretz Israel policies of Trump & Biden administration is that the latter sought to pull Russia and China into war while Trump focused on pushing Russia and China out from Middle East. The events from Russia-Ukraine war to Israel-Palestine conflict reflect the securitisation of dealing with Russia and China – leading to coercion over consensus. The withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan seems a huge sham, now. As Middle Eastern countries united for peace, security, progress, prosperity and stability in the region, the US and west created new enemy. Not only Russia & China but Iran became the main target. Iran is an easy target as it has exposed its weakness in its expansionist design – creating the perfect stage for Israel to launch its own expansion plan. There is a specific design to Israel’s strategy; I call it Strategic Realism of Eretz Israel. It is predictable but achievable and effective plan for Eretz Israel. The specific design in Israel’s strategy is the separation of main and periphery. First of all, it must be established that there are NORTHERN, SOUTHERN, WESTERN AND EASTERN borders of Eretz Israel. I have been covering events occurring at these marked borders of Eretz Israel.    

There is, however, a terrifyingly threatening point regarding Makkah-Madinah as part of Zionist plan for Eretz Israel aimed at subverting status of peace, security, stability, prosperity and progress specifically by targeting horn of Africa, red sea, suez, Arab gulf and Iran in current phase.  

I have been marking Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti since 2020 when I started writing about Eretz Israel after observing, identifying and examining the patterns, trajectory and trends of political events in Horn of Africa. Ironically, Libya theatre was much active in 2020-21 while Nile Renaissance dam between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia became controversial due to Trump’s pressure on Egypt. In 2020-21, the unrest in Morocco’s western sahara along with Eritrea’s Tigray region and fragile Nile dam agreement as well as Sahel region conflict, did provide some useful information and data suggesting links to Israel as not only it was about recognition of Israel but also the future of Israel in the region. The North Africa, Horn of Africa and Sahel region instability only benefits the west. EU had intensified its pursuit of controlling Libya and Sahel. This wasn’t just about normal pursuit of western political interests. The US interests in advancing security agenda of Israel was on cards. Today, horn of Africa is again on fire. On 24th January, a major disagreement led to Egypt raising support of Somalia against Ethiopia’s linkage to Somaliland while Israel’s Eritrea and China’s Djibouti are on verge of cut-throat competition adding to the breakdown of entire governance spectrum (administrative to military to political) across Horn of Africa, Sahel, North Africa – as already witnessed in Sudan this year. This breakdown is linked to ZIONIST PLAN FOR ERETZ ISRAEL. The west wouldn’t care if the whole Africa goes down like this. This is why entire Africa should support South Africa’s petition against Israel in the International Court of Justice. ALL OF THIS EXPLANATION IS DONE FOR THE SAKE OF PROVIDING FRAMEWORK OF HOW AND WHY THIS APPLIES INTO ZIONIST PLAN REGARDING MAKKAH AND MADINAH.    

Israel’s western & southern borders clearly include links for Zionist eretz plans to expand onto territory of Saudia. As horn of Africa dissipates along with other regions of Africa, the Yemen blockade of Red Sea through Bab Al-Mandab will bring Egypt into the great game due to red sea-suez canal link. This particularly adjusts the western border; however, it has parallel link to Israel’s southern border.

The southern border of Israel expands southwards towards Khayber region. Israel’s legitimacy, credibility, reliability and validity to operate near to Makkah-Madinah essentially is about protecting and safeguarding –actually, more likely controlling and monopolizing authourity near Red Sea and Suez Canal along with IMEC and Iraq Road project. This places Israel near to River Nile (WESTERN BORDER of Eretz Israel) and Khayber (SOUTHERN BORDER of Eretz Israel) through Horn of Africa from where source of River Nile flows the its head source located in Tigray region of Ethiopia. Read the previous – again and again – to understand how Southern and Western borders of Eretz Israel are inter-linked on basis of geopolitics, geoeconomics and geostrategy. 

Now, comes eschatology. Eschatology with strategy. The northern borders of Eretz Israel expand towards the Aamaaq valley. The second major earthquake in Turkiye-Syria February 6 2023 earthquake exactly hit Aamaaq valley which is located at the south-western tip of Turkiye border touching northern Syria towards Mediterranean sea. The cities of Antakya and Iskenderun in Aamaaq valley were completely flattened. Ironically, the most active organization in this area for reconstruction and rehabilitation is NATO. Why this holds significance? It is a rare politico-eschatological event that not only aligns with Prophetic tradition regarding hadith but has massive implications. To the north of Israel is Syria and Turkiye. However, the extent to this side has no further north-western border due to Mediterranean sea. But there is North-Eastern side. Syria, Jordan and Iraq are to east of Israel. The eastern border of Eretz extends to River Nile which again brings us to the multiple eschatological hadith. This brings us back to Iran. Although, Israel seeks to control trade routes and supply chains but it also seeks to infiltrate and control Iran. This has to do with end goals of the global warmongers, too. The Iranian link to Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon further complicates the complexities regarding uncertainties related to possible future war. The Iraq development road project linking Turkiye to Iraq to Saudia to entire Gulf is a counter to IMEC by Turkiye and likeminded. But IMEC also crosses Saudia. Therefore, wars, conflicts, confrontations and competition near to Saudia borders benefits Israel through Zionist plan for eretz Israel as it would be easy to target and control areas falling under WESTERN, SOUTHERN AND EASTERN BORDERS of ERETZ ISRAEL. This is easy for Israel but has heavy price for Islamic countries and Muslim populations. I can only recommend a major point of rallying for solution framework: PROTECTION OF MAKKAH AND MADINAH AGANST ZIONIST PLAN OF ERETZ ISRAEL. Muslim Ummah must gather and unite to support Saudia by rallying to support peace, security, prosperity, progress, stability in the region. Iran is stuck. By rallying Muslims around the Makkah-Madinah cause, both Saudia and Iran would become safe. Not only that but the entire Islamic countries and Muslim populations living across the contiguous borders will be able to take benefit and advantage of this Muslim Ummah unity for protecting Makkah-Madinah against infiltration of Israel in its ranks, files, structures, systems, infrastructures, architectures, institutions, departments, bodies etc. 

The Islamic countries Unity for protecting Makkah-Madinah will reap tremendous and great returns as security, peace, progress, prosperity and stability will fail Zionist warmongers and infiltrators in their plan to subvert favourable status quo of regional countries. Denying subverting is also a message to Zionist attack on Al-Aqsa and, the Hindutva attack in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi such that Islamic countries and Muslim populations will not give any edge to warmongers and infiltrators. There will be no opportunity for establishing peace, security & stability except like rallying to gather & unite for protecting Makkah-Madinah against Zionist plan for eretz Israel. The Zionist design to the strategy also involves periphery so it extends to greater Middle East that includes Af-Pak, too. Pakistan can play significant role based on eschatology and strategy so as to secure Greater Middle East against warmongers and infiltrators. But to do that, both (i) zionist plan for eretz israel as well as (ii) the eschatological hadith must be connected through evidence-based framework so as to uproot the warmongers and infiltrators who’re planning, formulating, executing, implementing and evaluating the plans, programs and procedures for success of the Zionist plan for eretz Israel. Pakistan must convince friends & foes that warmonger & infiltrator tactics is in interest of eretz.


The next target after Al-Quds is: Makkah and Madinah. The action plan of Global Zionists is already in motion by transgressing and aggressing to contest for sphere of influence over Red Sea as well as Arab-Persian gulf and, Aqaba & Hormuz & Suez through infiltration, deception, manipulation for exploitation and oppression. It is through destabilization, conflict, instability, insecurity, turmoil, disturbances and war instigated through contestation, confrontation and competition near and/or at trade routes and supply chains. It’s confirmed that the Zionists are trying to trigger a fault line most near to Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in order to either lure Arabs and Moslem world into a conflict OR further push them into oblivion so as to block Saudia becoming the centre-stage as common link between global west’s IMEC (India-Middle East-Europe Corridor) and global east’s Iraq road development project. The solution to ‘Zionist threat’ to Makkah-Madinah must also be pursued and brought to realization. There is a method & way that can enable us to do politics for protecting Makkah-Madinah as it is one-way to ensure the successful means and ends. Once realized, it’s not difficult to pursue in medium-to-long term as the mutual benefits gained lead to more advantageous position being sought through unity. The zionist plan to destabilise red sea is aimed at subverting and subjugating the peaceful status quo around Madinah-Makkah and build pretext for zionist masterplan to gain access and establish presence near Makkah and Madinah, which is tantamount to Zionist attack on Madinah-Makkah after the subjugating and subverting of the status quo near and at Al Aqsa and in Palestine. Understand the approach & style and you’ll understand the zionist master plan as well as the part of it which is being implemented and executed now. Till now, we have discussed how and why River Nile and North Africa are targets of Eretz Israel (to expand westwards) and, how & why such attack contributes to Zionists plan to subjugate status quo of Makkah-Madinah at same time (to expand southwards) while trapping Iran at eastern and northern border of eretz Israel towards River Euphrates, Syria, Iraq and Arab-Persian Gulf. Strategies, policies, programs, plans, procedures, doctrines must be collectively devised to fail Zionist plans of Eretz Israel. There are ways to do that. Remember, Zionist plan of Eretz Israel is aimed at subverting the peace status of all contiguous Muslim lands at once. Amidst all the zionist game plan, Makkah-Madinah is going to be surrounded by threats & risks of conflict, confrontation, competition, man-made calamities etc. Do you see the connection between these politico-strategic events related to zionist plan of Eretz Israel? It is a legitimate, credible, valid, genuine reason for Pakistan to help Saudis and Iranians as well as all other Muslim countries in bringing them together to collectively defend Red sea and Arab-Persian gulf as well as the main inlands connected to them as well as protect and safeguard the security architecture and strategic infrastructure in and around Middle East. But the Zionist plan of eretz Israel to having south border and east border near to makkah and madinah means they will definitely look forth to create chaos, conflict, war, confrontation in the whole region and especially in area near to Makkah-Madinah. In these circumstances, situation & conditions, it may not be a problem for west to exploit and manipulate to advantage and favour of Israel in order to realise the zionist plan of Eretz Israel. All the quagmire, conundrum and dilemma can be dealt with our ONE GOAL that includes all other targets, aims, objectives, vision, mission etc: the collective coordinated assessment in cooperative collaborative contract of all Muslim countries to protect MAKKAH and MADINAH. The ONLY WAY FORWARD IS THE CENTRALITY OF MAKKAH AND MADINAH as the only thing that unites entire Islamic lands and Muslim populations is PROTECTION OF MAKKAH-MADINAH against infiltrators, warmongers, aggressors, transgressors, exploiters, manipulators, oppressors, hypocrites and deceivers to safeguard security, stability and prosperity.  

Waqas Mahmood Ali is an International Strategy Analyst and Political commentator. Waqas is a former member of staff at 'The Nation' newspaper. He is 'Phd Candidate' at Strategic Studies Department at Air University. He is associated with Newspapers, Radio and, Policy, Political and Media think tanks. He can be reached on twitter at @WaqasMahmoodAli

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