Prosecuted or Persecuted

The most famous Propagandas against former president and co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari are follow:

1) Zardari scalped black tickets outside his own cinema.

2) Zardari became billionaire after getting married to SMBB

3) How he had murdered Murtaza Bhutto

4)How did his corruption resulted the downfall of Benazir's government in 1996.

5)How he used to take 10% from every other businessman

6) Eventually killed his own wife for the lust of power.

Debunking them:

1) Zardari's father Hakim Ali Zardari owned a multiple Cinemas in 1950s and 1960s when even rich people could not afford TV. He was the Chief architect of introducing Hollywood movies in Pakistan, had worked with famous actors and stars of Pakistani film industry like Waheed Murad, Noor Jehan, Shamim Ara, represented Pakistan at Moscow international film festival.

Why would someone scalp tickets from his own cinema?? This plus ancestral land holdings in Nawabshah and sugar mills. His house was the only house in the area. Now that area is prime real estate.

Asif Zardari himself worked in movie name Salgirah. Did you know about this?

2) Apart from this, Asif Zardari comes from the most powerful and influential family in Sindh and Balouchistan, through his father, Zardari owns the most expensive commercial land (literally acres) in Urban Sindh., multiple cinemas. And these properties have been with them decades before he met Benazir Bhutto.

These opponents will never tell you that he is a son of one of the a politician Hakim Ali Zardari, who was the few of one Politician in West Pakistan who stood by Fatima Jinnah against Ayub khan, stood for east Pakistanis (Bengalis) over infesting Urdu language on them, and he also supported Begun Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto during MRD movement against ZIA.

3) Murtaza Bhutto was murdered by the establishment of that time, Hamid Mir has even admitted NS told them 10 days before the murder, about something happening which will result the toppling of Benazir Bhutto's government.

4) Since, 1990s, President Zardari had almost 23 corruption cases against him and all of them he has faced not only in courts but even in jail for 11 years without even a single conviction. He won all the cases. The then Chairman NAB Saif ur Rehman apologized him,  admitting all the cases were politically motivated on the orders of Nawaz Sharif and establishment for character assassination of PPP.

5) The famous term Mr. 10% was coined by the most vile propaganda machinery team of establishment which includes likes of Hussain Haqqani and he admitted this as well the generals were involved in this character assassination campaign.

6) How many of you know Zardari and kids ordered the first Scotland Yard investigation for the tragic murder of SMBB and then United Nations Inquiry. The judiciary stalled this case and Prosecutors and witnesses continues to be murdered.

Most importantly, CIA ex-director has even admitted now, international establishment was involved in the murder of Benazir, Ehsanullah Ehsan threatened Bilawal and referred to his mother's murder but we have never been told this side of the story by media as this does not serve the purpose of state.

Why has he been persecuted?

A growing economy, record high exports, wheat sufficient, record low current account deflcit, solid legislation, recovery from record floods, media freedom, coherent foreign policy, record export treaties and better export quotas, Initistion of multiple power projects that were completed in Nawaz Sharif times.

He was attacked at every opportunity by a lying media, corrupt judiciary and Pro Taliban PML N and PTI.

His judicial reforms were stalled by Nawaz-Kiyani-Chaudhry troika. He achieved all of this inspite of record high Terrorism against Pakistan whose apologists were PML N and PTI. And Floods Plus Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline which was scuttled by Nawaz Sharif.

Wonder why generals are made at him? Because, he as a President of Pakistan apologized balochistan for the atrocities by the state and started Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package.

Because he became the first President to surrender his power to the Parliament through 18th amendment.

Because he gave political rights to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, bills for women’s rights and empowerment,18th and 19th constitutional amendments combined NFC Award.

Because he forced the Americans to tie aid to Pakistan to the continuation of democracy through Kerry lugar bill.

Because he set minimum pay of labourers increased from Rs 4,600 to Rs 7,000 and Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline agreement despite American opposition.

Because he empowered the native people of Pakistan through devolution of powers to the provinces.

Because he kicked out the Saudi ambassador for funding Islamists terrorists in Pak.

Because he stopped Nato supply to americans after drone attakcs.

Because he after 6 months forced americans to leave airbases in Pakistan.

Conclusively, he has been given all this punishment for his slogan the "Pakistan Khappe" and empowerment of the Parliament. The man has been tortured to death, saw his beloved wife assassinated yet he stood tall against the establishment and their stalwarts being the worst of their nightmares.

Happiest 67th birthday to the chief architect of the 18th amendment, CPEC and Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline.

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