LAHORE  - All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran, a representative body of small traders, has rejected the imposition of new sales tax on commercial electricity consumers terming it an unjust taxation that will further burden the traders’ community already reeling under heavy taxation.

“Commercial power units are the most expensive. Traders buy the most expensive commercial unit and bear the burden of subsidized electricity. There’s so much uncertainty that no one knows when the price of electricity will be increased”, Central Secretary General of All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran Naeem Mir said while addressing a press conference here. He said that following the imposition of the sales tax, a consumer will have to pay six thousand rupees on a electricity bill of thirty thousand and ten thousand on a bill of thirty thousand to 50 thousand rupees. “Likewise, on a bill more than fifty thousand, the taxpayer will have to pay ten thousand while a non taxpayer consumer will pay twenty thousand rupees”, he explained.

Suggesting a fixed tax mechanism, Mir demanded that a fixed tax should be levied on those using more than 1200 commercial units annually and this tax should be the final settlement of income and sales tax. He demanded that a new law should be introduced providing for adjustment of the tax collected on commercial electricity bills. “The black law of compulsory registration in sales tax of 1000 square feet general shop and 2000 square feet furniture showrooms should also be abolished. And all of them should be included in the fixed tax scheme”, he suggested.

Traders demand fixed tax on consumers using over 1200 commercial units

Mir noted that a tax of Rs 40,000 per month has been levied on a 300 feet shop of jewellers. This law should be abolished and jewelers should also be made a part of the normal fixed tax scheme, he added. Demanding reforms in the tax system, Mir said the trader’s bodies have not been consulted before imposition of the sales tax. He said difficult decisions were being taken without taking the business community into confidence. “The business community is very anxious and worried”, he said. Mir further alleged that Miftah Ismail’s agenda had been exposed as he was working against the favourite government of the tarder’s community. “The PMLN government should consider replacing Miftah; otherwise, he will drown the entire political party”, he said. Naeem Mir appealed to PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of what Miftah was doing with this nation. “Our state and our politics will not sustain and survive if Miftah remains finance minister for a long time”, he maintained and alleged that Miftah was involved in the inside trade of dollars.