Ahsan Iqbal calls for responsible governance, youth empowerment

ISLAMABAD   -  Federal Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday called for responsible governance and youth empowerment to put the country on a path of sustained development.

He was addressing the concluding session of a two-day Pakistan Governance Forum 2023 with reiteration to significantly enhance governance practices while addressing the key issues faced by the country and to ensure the implementation for a Stable, Transparent, Agile and Responsible (STAR) governance system. The minister emphasized the significance of aligning governance with guiding principles such as stability, transparency, agility, and responsibility. He stressed the importance of preserving meritocracy as a fundamental pillar in public administration and public office, which is essential for effective and efficient governance. Reflecting on Pakistan’s history, Ahsan Iqbal underscored the urgency to overcome political instability and focus on a collective agenda that prioritizes the country’s larger interests over individual or group agendas. He highlighted the need for responsible governance that not only ensures stability but also embraces reform and adapts to changing external environments. Drawing attention to the youth as Pakistan’s economic powerhouse, Ahsan Iqbal emphasized the government’s efforts in preparing the nation for the digital revolution. He highlighted various initiatives, such as providing laptops to students, establishing national centers of artificial intelligence, cyber security, big data cloud computing, automation, and robotics, among others, to equip the youth with skills and knowledge to thrive in the modern world. During the last day of the forum, seven to eight sessions were held which include Catalyzing Growth and Productivity through the CPEC and SEZs, Countering Fiscal Deficit: Alternative Approaches to Sustainable Economic Recovery.

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