PM Imran strengthening PTI’s cooperation with coalition partners

Loyal party MPs to be given preference in govt affairs

Islamabad - After resetting country’s national economy amid covid-19 crisis through successful tailor-made strategies, Prime Minister Imran Khan is now seeking to translate the gains into a greater political consolidation.

For the first time in his three years in office, Prime Minister apart from day to day office work, he had devoted fairly enough time during the budget session in cultivating loyal party MPs as well as PTI’s coalition partners.

During this exhausting exercise Prime Minister Imran Khan remained committed to give patient hearings to problems of the party MPs and the key coalition partners and issued on the spot directives and in some cases with firm reassurances.

What had prompted him in changing his political style from what political leaders used to describe him in the past as a rude and adamant Prime Minister.

A cursory look at what he was since assuming office as Prime Minister and what he is now as a political leader suggests that he has become more independent a  political leader. 

He is no more dependent on advisers such as Jahangir Khan Tareen. 

He has found more loyal, cooperating electable leaders within the party.

Background discussions with PTI MPs and its coalition partners revealed that for the time after coming into power he has established person to person contact with his party MPs and seems determined to continue interaction with party members he found more loyal and dependable.

On the other hand, he has also lately realised importance of allied parties and in the days to come he plans to strength his party’s political cooperation with the coalition partners.

His recent meetings with MPs from Sindh and Balochistan are likely to give him more political boost when he visits these provinces next month. 

He had updated himself about the problems of the MQM-P, GDA and PTI’s coalition partners in Balochistan. 

Prime Minister also plans to keep good working relationship with lone coalition partner in Punjab, the PML-Q.

Political pundits who have been closely watching Imran Khan’s politics before and after in power believed that he is fast assuming a traditional style of politics with now more personal experience of political wheeling dealing to attain more relevance to country’s politics to remain  as a major political entity.

However, some of his critics do not agree with such a proposition, rather they believe that Imran Khan has lost public appeal largely because of his inept policies leading to rampant inflation. 

According to them, he would become an irrelevant political entity by the time he completes his mandated five year term as Prime Minister. 

Since, there is nothing final in the politics, only time would decide whether he would make it a better political fortune for his party in the next general elections or he is rendered irrelevant in polls.

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