The menace of the PUBG game has a grave impact on young minds. The constant availability of these games and players from around the world engages young people in playing this game. They waste their precious time of studies without taking into consideration that it has counter effects on their health too. Moreover, due to online games, the tendency to play physical games is declining day by day. Mental illness, eye strain and back pain are common diseases found in those youngsters who are addicted to PUBG games. Aggression, anxiety and violence are burgeoning in them.

The above clearly shows how harmful this game is for the new generation. The PUBG players begin to live in an imaginary world, sometimes they mixe-up the two situations while dealing with real-life problems and go to any extent to get rid of the timely unpleasant situation. This is devastating for the youth. Necessary measures should be taken to save the youth from this calamity. The first and foremost duty of the concerned authorities is to ban such horrible and unhealthy games. There should be a complete boycott of such organisations which design such games. Parents should keep an eye on their children. To avoid the consequences of online games youth must be engaged in physical games instead of online games.


Nanakana Sahib.