When there is a political fluctuation, there is always an economic crisis; political resilience plays a significant role to revive the economy as well as in my perception, frugality can not survive without political peace, for every country’s economy depends on its politics. furthermore, it gives a conducive environment to the state and its thriftiness.

In Pakistan, there are disruptive politics which is exceptionally precarious not only for the economy but also for democracy and the nation’s security. Meanwhile, this has been the reason for creating divergence among the politicians which has become the biggest impediment to not allowing the country to move forward.

The system of the country is deteriorating for many months due to the political chaos, on the other hand, civilians are dying due to unprecedented inflation nonetheless we see no patriotic leader that is working for the tranquillity of the people and the betterment of Pakistan. The government often says that inflation is a global threat. It indeed is but what is wrong with the stagflation is that government does not wish to create opportunities for the people where the rising price is at their peak even though people are jobless so It is very difficult for them to even take a day’s meal for themselves. Nevertheless, the government seems helpless regarding these in Pakistan that’s why everyone is using abusive language against the government.

In addition, oppositions are accustomed to giving provocative speeches to bring negative impacts on the civilians and giving them chances to say more about the government. Using foul language may lead all of us to extra-constitutional activities. Despite this, our politicians should not be heartened although It is the truth that needs to be highlighted for the improvement. In Pakistan, those who are politicians can never imagine building the state and they just want to begin a war in the parliament for defeating their dissidents. On the other hand, they do not have that beautiful face to rule the country since they are corrupted which is the largest obstruction to any country’s route of progress.

Every leader is to think about the development of Pakistan which will be much beneficial for every one of us as well as this decision will demonstrate to us the direction of success to travel and get a bright future.