Dreams are the epitome of consciousness; the most developed form of human expression. They remain independent of any class segregation and central to one’s life. However, it seems that the only difference lies in its relation with gender. If it is a woman’s passion to explore the imaginative world, she is not accepted to do so. A baby girl is raised with a certain script written for her and she is bound to play her role, often strictly to domestic chores and raising children. Though nature has gifted women with countless abilities, very few seem to be utilised.

Nature sends every individual on earth with a definite purpose. To achieve this said purpose, one is imparted with a certain set of qualities in pursuance of which a stronger connection with the creator is established. The creator triggers our energies in different ways to come forward and fill our lives with purpose, hope and faith. Almost every famous piece of art, literature or poetry had intense anguish at its backend that made them immortal. Artistic impression is the most powerful medium of expression because it not only touches but heals the soul too. It’s like running water; if tried to stop, starts collecting and then bursts to break all walls around it. However, a woman is discouraged to celebrate this endowment of nature. Though with certain level of transition in society, her acquiring education and participation in economic activities has somewhat gained acceptance but discourse of her mind and following her talent is still awaited to be accepted.

Having read the biographies of eminent female writers and poetesses, it is evident that they were never appreciated to speak their mind. They were discouraged to write. Even today, a capable woman is ridiculed for being ‘over smart’, ‘outgoing’ or ‘out spoken’. The society holds a deplorable attitude towards educated, intelligent and expressive woman as if she does not have a heart, or she does not need anyone or any emotional support ever in life. Artistic impressions of a woman deprive her further from the status of being homely or humble. This social compartmentalisation withdraws a woman from every right to execute and explore her qualities. A girl in our society is raised with the basic goal of getting married. Her ambitions have no place for her family. We abandon our daughters at the most critical times of their lives.

Many women realise their intellectual deprivation in their middle ages or later. Society grooms them to relate happiness with conventional material things only which is why, despite having the perfect life, some may go into depression. They are thought to be ungrateful for feeling this way without the consideration of the fact that repetitive tasks like household chores or professional duties gradually drag them into dullness and sometimes depression. Doing something one loves to do triggers a feeling of optimism and happiness regardless of financial gains.

A woman has a natural tendency to live in passionate extremes. For her, time never passes away. She remains attached to the moments when she had experienced the intensities of love, hatred, respect and certainly disrespect and that gets embedded in her being. It may decorate, nourish or destroy her soul but always remains a part of herself.

A woman’s inner world remains unexplored for the entire duration of her life. She nurtures it covertly while exercising the absolute authority to create and celebrate. This setting has enormous manifestations where she often performs, rules, sings, dances, writes, paints, conquers and wins, since nature made her to give life, in literal terms to an individual and virtually to a world that speaks larger than life.

We have trapped a woman’s life in a vicious circle. We simply deny the nature’s intellectual endowment upon her. How easily we forget that a contented woman stays at the back of a prosperous family. A creative channel is the key to unlock her mind and brush the dust over her sensitive soul. Imparting beautiful goals related to her wishful self may save her from emotional devastation and dependence, since life can be lead without love but certainly not without a goal. Her central role in a family shall be flavored with moments of her personal intellectual development. We shall never forget that this wonderful creation of nature is inseparable from an imaginative world, for a true woman is a woman who learns to live by her dreams.