Marriyum terms Minar-e-Pakistan rally a flop show

Information minister castigates Imran for ‘fake narrative’; rejects his 10-point agenda

LAHORE     -    Minister for In­formation and Broadcasting Marriyum Au­rangzeb said on Sunday that Im­ran Khan was not interested in elec­tions as he actually wanted his selec­tion as Prime Minister again.“Imran’s Khan’s tamashas of cypher, long march, avoid the jail campaign, elec­tions, Zaman Park, attacks and threats to the courts have reached their conclusion”, she said while ad­dressing a press conference here. 

Marriyum said the people of Pakistan remember his tenure as a ‘black chapter in the history of the country as they were pay­ing the price of Imran’s four year misrule which was marked by corruption, incompetence and inefficiency. She believed that the PTI chairman did not have political issues, rather he was facing psychological problems. She said last year Imran Khan had concocted the fake narra­tive of foreign conspiracy for toppling his government which was accepted by followers of his cult and PTI social media gang working from abroad claimed that imported government had been installed in Pakistan.

“The narrative of internation­al conspiracy started from cy­pher, blaming the United States, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and then caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi. Those who accused the US of conspir­acy were now tendering apol­ogies and seeking pardon”, she said, ridiculing the PTI.

She wondered how the follow­ers of PTI still believed in base­less allegations of Imran Khan. The minister said that yester­day the people of Lahore com­pletely rejected Imran Khan and the PTI had to use old pictures and even Minar-e-Pakistan was removed from the pictures.

The minister said that on fail­ure of the cipher narrative, Im­ran started a long march which was doomed while giving it Is­lamic touch. “Jail Bharo move­ment was started after the long march disaster during which journalists and police person­nel were martyred. The police officials were fired at from the houses of PTI leaders”, she said. 

She said Imran was always ready to lead and address po­litical rallies and marches but when the courts summoned him, he started making excus­es of his old age, injury, diseases and above all threat to life.

The minister said that Imran, who refused to go to court, went to Minar-e-Pakistan to address a rally. She said he was neither sick, nor was he an elderly per­son, nor he faced any threat to life when going to address the rally but he will not go to court to face cases of foreign funding, Toshakhana and Tyrian Khan.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the constitution and law of the land could not follow the dictates of a person who had the mindset of a devil. She said ter­rorists were present in Zaman Park from where petrol bombs were thrown at police and sling­shots and stones were used.

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