Maryam outshines critics saying two judges verdict was triumph of her narrative

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief organizer and senior vice president has said that the two judges’ verdict on bench fixing was a victory of their narrative.

Talking about Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Mandokhel's decision she said that without a judicious bench formation, there would be no justice. She said that Imran Khan’s facilitators in the judiciary should be exposed with full force.

On the social media website, Maryam wrote that Imran Khan was a foreign agent whose function is to generate lawlessness so that this country could not make progress. She said that whosoever fostered Imran Khan, had to face humiliation later.

She further noted that every hand that helps his devilish play would be regarded as part of this game.

Also, she headed a meeting of party spokespersons which took key decisions. It was determined in the meeting that the injustice done in the Nawaz Sharif judgment would be accentuated.

Talking to the spokespersons she said that Mr Khan was past now. They should think ahead, she stressed.

She also said that PTI Chief desired to derail peoples’ focus on his major scandals including foreign funding, Tyrian and Toshakhana cases.

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